RIHE International Seminar Reports No.5

Title The Changing Functions of Higher Education – Implications for Innovation – (Reports from the 1984 OECD/JAPAN Seminar on Higher Education)
Author(s) Research Institute for Higher Education,Hiroshima University
Publication Date 1985 – 3
Page-Size 219
Volume 5
Contents Program of the 1984 OECD/JAPAN Seminar on Higher Education
Part I Curriculum and Teaching
1.New Implications for the Educational Function of the Japanese University / Kazuyuki Kitamura
2. Curriculum and Teaching in Japanese Universities: A Report of RIHE National Surveys / Masao Seki, Yuki Matsunaga and Fumihiro Maruyama
3. Curriculum and New Forms of Teaching / Theodor Berchem
4. University Support for Independent Learning — A New Development in Inservice Education of Teaching(INSET) / Peter Posch
5. Concluding Remarks for the Hiroshima Session / Keith Clayton
Part II Differentiation and Innovation
1. Universities and Non-University Higher Education in Japan / Taijun Saito
2. Differentiation within a Unitary Higher Education System — Some Experiences of the Swedish Model / Ulla ?hgren-Lange
3. The University as Repository of Unsolved Social Problems — Shortcomings of Human Capital-ism / Sigurd H?llinger and Walter Steinbacher
4. The Differentiation Between University and Other Forms of Higher Education in the United Kingdom with Particular Reference to the English Polytechnics / J. H. Thompson
5. Innovation in Japan’s New-Type (Shinkoso) Universities — The Experience of Three Universities / Shinroku Saito
6. What Are the Main Innovative Features of New (Reform) Universities and other New Institutions of Higher Education and What Is Their Impact, if Any, on Traditional Institutions? / Leslie Wagner
7. Summary and Conclusions / G. S. Papadopoulos
Part III Changes in American Higher Education
1. Reflections on American Higher Education: Expansion and Decline / Ernest L. Boyer
2. American Education: Hope Amid Change / Ernest L. Boyer
3. Secondary Education in America: Priorities for Reform / Ernest L. Boyer
4. The Educational Function of the University: An Historical Perspective / Arthur Levine
5. Higher Education in an Age of Decline / Arthur Levine
Part IV Perspectives on Japanese Higher Education
1. The Puzzle of Higher Education in Japan: A Response / Nobuo Shimahara
2. The Internationalization of Japanese University Students: A Study / John J. Cogan
3. The Guidance of Foreign Students at Japanese Universities — A look at the Organizations and Persons Responsible / Joseph Eugene Hicks