RIHE International Seminar Reports No.3

Title Innovations in Higher Education – Exchange of Experiences and Ideas in International Perspective – (Reports of the Hiroshima/OECD Meeting of Experts on Higher Education and the Seminar on Innovations in Higher Education)
Author(s) Research Institute for Higher Education,Hiroshima University
Publication Date 1981 – 11
Page-Size 179
Volume 3
Contents Part I The Hiroshima/OECD Meeting of Experts on Higher Education, (27-29 January 1981)
Program of the Meeting and List of Participants
1. Innovations in Higher Education — Issues, Definitions, and Japanese Experience / Kazuyuki Kitamura
2. Inter-Country Exchange and Co-operation on Innovative Approaches to Higher Education “The Swedish Case” / Lennart Levin
3. Innovative Approaches to College Teaching / K. Patricia Cross
4. The Development of Non-University Higher Education in the U.K. : The CNAA and Curriculum Development / Sir Norman Lindop
5. Supplement to Sir Norman Lindop’s Contribution “Council for National Academic Awards and Curriculum Development / Edward L. Houghton
6. Curriculum Reform as an Instrument for the Promotion of Innovations, Experiences and Intentions in Austria / Sigurd H?llinger
7. Curriculum Development at Tsukuba / Fujio Ikado
8. The Current State and Problems of Teaching Methods at Universities and Colleges in Japan / Takashi Sakamoto
9. Useware of OHP / Kunihiro Suetake
10. Summary of the Discussions / G.S. Papadopoulos
Part II Seminar on Innovations in Higher Education in Comparative Perspective, (10-11 March 1981)
Program of the Seminar and List of Participants
11. Factors of Achievement and Failure in European Higher Education Reforms / Ladislav Cerych
12. Innovative Teaching in Higher Education / Hong, Woong Sun
13. The Ups and Downs of Innovations in U.S. Colleges and Universities / Janet Ruyle
14. Linkages between Universities and Non-Universities / Frederich C. Kintzer