RIHE International Seminar Reports No.10

Title Academic Reforms in the World :Situation and Perspective in the Massification Stage of Higher Education (Reports of the 1997 Six-Nation Higher Education Project Seminar)
Author(s) Research Institute for Higher Education, Hiroshima University
Publication Date 1997 – 7
Page-Size 303
Series Title (Japanese) 国際会議報告書
Selies Title (English) RIHE International Seminar Reports
Volume 10




Keynote Address
Seminar on Post-Massification / Robert Zemsky

Country Reports
Massification of Higher Education and Academic Reforms in Japan / Akira Arimoto
Trends in Higher Education from Massification to Post-Massification / Patricia J. Gumport , Maria Iannozzi , Susan Shaman, Robert Zemsky
Current Issues in Higher Education / Francois Grin , Christoph Metzger , Andreas Gruner
Trends in University Reform in the Context of Massification / S. Gopinathan , Susan Morris B.
Reform and Development of China’s Higher Education System in the Past Decade / Wei Xin
Higher Education in a Federal System / Wilfried Hartmann
Summary Papers
Reforms as a Response to Massification of Higher Education: A Comparative View / Ulrich Teichler
Commentary on the Discussion / Keith J. Morgan

Part II Special Papers
Approaches to Mass Higher Education: A Comparison of Change in Britain and Australia / Keith J. Morgan
Cross-National Study on Academic Organizational Reforms in Post-Massification Stage/Akira Arimoto
Appendix Program and List of Participants