RIHE International Publication Series No.11

Title Higher Education Reform for Quality Higher Education Management in the 21st Century : Economic, Techonological, Social and Political Forces Affecting Higher Education (Proceedings of the 1999 Six-Nation Presidents’ Summit in Hiroshima)
Author(s) Research Institute for Higher Education, Hiroshima University
Publication Date 2000 – 3
Page-Size 183
Volume 11



Report of the Six-Nation Higher Education Project
Summary of Progress of the Higher Education Research Project and the Meaning of the Presidents’ Summit / Akira Arimoto
Keynote Address
Governance in the 21st Century University :
The World is Changing Faster than the Governance System can Accommodate / Kenneth P. Mortiner
Presidents’ Sessions Reports
Presidents’ Session 1
A System in Transition – Higher Education Policy Update and Future Plans from China / Ruiqing Du
Reform for Quality Higher Education in the 21st Century : Policy and Future Plans from the United States Perspective / Elisabeth A. Zinser
Present and Future of Higher Education in Japan / Makoto Nagao
Presidents’ Session 2
Establishment of Efficient Management in an Institution of Higher Education / Yasuo Harada
Strategies for Lifelong Learning : Re-thinking University Educaion in Terms of Continuing Education / Werner Meissner
Financial Management and Planning : or How to Implement Changes More Smoothly / Luc Weber
The Strategic Planning Process at the University of Hawai / Kenneth P. Mortimer
Presidents’ Session 3
Singapore’s Experience in Higher Education / Linda Low
Reform Measures for Universities in the 21st Century / Naoki Murata
Presidents’ Session 4
Promoting Financial Efficiency through Administrative Technology Applications / Stephen T. Golding
E-Enabled Information at the University of Pennsylvania / Robin H. Beck
The Internet Changes Everything / Darren Rushworth
Technology and the Curriculum – The NTU Experience / Charng-Ning Chen
Science and Technology in Universities of the 21st Century / Yoshiyuki Naito
Transcriptions of the Discusion Parts
Transcriptions of the Discussion Parts, September 20, 1999
Transcriptions of the Discussion Parts, September 21, 1999
*Transcription works were managed and coordinated by the University of Pennsylvania
Summary Comments
Brief Comments on the Presidents’ Session 2 – Which Ideal must Lead “Strategic Management for Universities”? / Shigetaka Imai
Commentary on the Concluding Session, Day 1, Higher Education Summit / Robert Zemsky
Reflections on the Presidents’ Summit of the Six-Nation Research Project / Noel F.Mcginn
Reform for Higher Education in the 21st Century / Ulrich Teichler
List of Participants